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This image is copyrighted by the photographer.

This image may be used for any NIST purpose. Correct photo credit must be provided.

Other organizations may use this image without charge for editorial articles that mention NIST in accompanying text or a caption. Correct photo credit must be provided. "Stock art" use requires permission and may require payment to the photographer. To receive a high resolution version send an email with the image AV number and title to

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Title: NIST engineer Kate Remley
Description: NIST engineer Kate Remley holds two Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) devices with wireless alarm capability.


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Subjects (names): Remley, Kate
Type: Photo/Color
Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology
Credit Line as it should
appear in print:
Copyright: Paul Trantow/Altitude Arts
AV Number: 11PML066
Date Created: 2011
Date Entered: 8/16/2011

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