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Title: Metrology, Basic Units; Electrical; Quantum Hall Effect; Elmquist
Description: Ultraprecise electrical measurements require extremely stable temperature, humidity, and vibration control. In this photo, NIST physicist Rand Elmquist fills a cryogenic chamber with liquid helium in preparation for measuring the international standard for electrical resistance--the quantum Hall effect. U.S. laboratories and manufacturers use NIST electrical standards and calibrations for all kinds of measurements from home electricity usage to electrocardiograms to gene-mapping.

EEEL, ohm, electrical resistance, fundamental metrology

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Subjects (names): Elmquist, Rand
Topics/Categories: Facilities/Places--Advanced Measurement Lab
Metrology, Basic Units--Electrical
Type: Photo/Color
Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology
Credit Line as it should
appear in print:
Copyright Robert Rathe
AV Number: 04EEEL001
Date Created: June 21, 2004
Date Entered: 11/3/2004

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