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Title: MACS, Multi-Axis Crystal Spectrometer
Description: Top view of the MACS multiaxis detector system (seen before being enclosed in shielding material.) With more neutrons striking the sample and more detectors surrounding it, MACS will greatly extend the capabilities of neutron inelastic scattering as a materials probe technique in nanotechnology and basic science. Principal investigator Professor Collin Broholm of the Johns Hopkins University is seen examining the alignment of one of the 20 detection channels.

Subjects (names):
Topics/Categories: Neutron Research--NCNR
Type: Photo/Color
Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology
Credit Line as it should
appear in print:
Copyright: Robert Rathe
AV Number: 08NCNR006
Date Created: 2008
Date Entered: 2/24/2009

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