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Title: Biotechnology/Health--Basic Research;Plague Enzyme Structure
Description: Ribbon rendering of the structure of AC-IV in Yersina pestis as determined at NIST. The enzyme is a dimer (two identical subunits around a vertical axis), and each of the two subunits forms a central barrel made of eight strands surrounded by short helices. The active site is believed to lie inside the barrel.

*CSTL,adenylyl cyclase,cAMP,crystal structure, plague

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Subjects (names):
Topics/Categories: Biotechnology/Health--Analytical Chemistry
Biotechnology/Health--Basic Research
Chemical Analysis
Graphics/Scientific Data--Computer Modeling
Homeland Security--Chem, Bio, Other Threats
Type: Graphic/scientific data
Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology
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AV Number: 06CSTL002
Date Created: August 17, 2006
Date Entered: 8/17/2006

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