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Title: New X-Ray Microbeam Answers 20-Year-Old Metals Question
Description: Novel 3-D microbeam experiment enables direct proof of the Mughrabi model of metal stress. Submicron X-ray beam (broad arrow) penetrates a deformed copper single crystal and is diffracted onto a CCD detector. Platinum wire profiler (circle) traverses the sample and successively intercepts diffracted X-rays, providing depth measurement and allowing strains to be measured from individual dislocation cells.

*MSEL, X-ray Probe, Metal Stress, Metal Deformity

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Subjects (names):
Topics/Categories: Materials--Metallurgy
Type: Graphic/illustration
Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology
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AV Number: 06MSEL021
Date Created: August 3, 2006
Date Entered: 8/3/2006

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