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Title: Quantum Physics; Quantum Computing; Planar Ion Trap
Description: NIST's novel planar ion trap was designed to be easily mass produced, potentially enabling quantum computers large enough for practical use. The trap uses gold electrodes to confine magnesium ions 40 micrometers above the plane of the electrodes. Laser beams are used to create ions from the metal vapor and then cool them.

PHY, quantum computer, encryption, qubits, quantum bits, microfabrication

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Subjects (names):
Topics/Categories: Computers/Info. Tech--Quantum Computing
Quantum Physics--Quantum Computing
Type: Photo/Color
Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology
Credit Line as it should
appear in print:
Signe Seidelin and John Chiaverini/NIST
AV Number: 06PHY019
Date Created: July 6, 2006
Date Entered: 7/6/2006

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