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NIST Image Gallery

Welcome to the NIST Image Gallery 

The NIST Image Gallery database contains images from the collections of the Public and Business Affairs Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. For more information about the NIST Image Gallery, including reuse and contact information, see About the NIST Image Gallery.

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A random selection of our images:
thumbnailFlying Carpet, created 6/18/2003
thumbnailMagenta Microheater, creation date unknown
thumbnailNanoparticles, created 2008
thumbnailNanotechnology; nanocells; liposomes, created 3/2004
thumbnailNew Fabrication Technique Yields Nanoscale UV LEDs, created 5/24/2007
thumbnailOrganic Solar Power, created 2009
thumbnailPrototype Terahertz Imager Promises Biochem Advances, created 4/2008
thumbnailProzac Exposure Found to Disrupt Mussel Reproduction, created 9/14/2006
thumbnailRosabeth Kanter and Sister Mary Jean Ryan, creation date unknown
thumbnailThousands of Atoms Swap 'Spins' with Partners in Quantum Square Dance, created 7/25/2007

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