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NIST Image Gallery

Welcome to the NIST Image Gallery 

The NIST Image Gallery database contains images from the collections of the Public and Business Affairs Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. For more information about the NIST Image Gallery, including reuse and contact information, see About the NIST Image Gallery.

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A random selection of our images:
thumbnail3-D Nanostructures, creation date unknown
thumbnailElectric force microscopy; AFM; EFM, created 2010
thumbnailJayne Morrow, created 2012
thumbnailLED Standands, created 11/2008
thumbnailMetrology; Basic Units--Length; Atom Ruler; Planes of Silicon, created 2/24/2005
thumbnailNIST Polishes Method for Creating Tiny Diamond Machines, created 2011
thumbnailNIST System Sets Speed Record for Generation of Quantum Keys for 'Unbreakable' Encryption, created 2003
thumbnailNNMI, creation date unknown
thumbnailScratch Drive Actuator, created 2012
thumbnailSeismic Hazard Map, created 2011

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